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Clubs, Associations And Movements

The office of Dean of Students, with the help of Vice Chairperson of the students organization advises modalities of formation of Clubs, Associations and Movements. Students are encouraged to join the various Clubs, Associations and Movements. All registered Clubs are managed/coordinated by the Chairperson of Clubs and Movements. Currently the following are the registered Clubs, Associations and Movements;

  1. AFIST –Association of Finance Students
    You can interact with AISEC through the following links:
  3. ASA- Accounting Students Association
  4. CFTT- Free Traveling Theatre
  5. CHAKIKA –Chama Cha Kiswahili
  6. CUEA Charismatic Renewal Prayer Group
  7. St. Bakhita Choir
  8. CUEA Band
  9. CUEA - Colours
  10. CUEA law club
  11. CUEAMACC - Maths &Comp. Science  
  12. CUESA – Economic Students Association
  13. CUPCA – Peer Counsellors Ass.
  14. CUSSWA- Social Work Ass.
  15. Development Club
  16. Entrepreneurship Club
  17. Focolare
  18. FOGEE- Forum for Gender Equality in Ed.
  19. Geography
  20. History Club
  21. HIV –Aids Club
  22. HURIA -Human Rights Club
  23. IMCS –International Movement of Catholic Students
  24. Journalism Club
  25. KMUN - Kenya Model United Nations
  26. LAC - Language Arts Club
  27. MSA – Marketing Students Association
  28. Natural Science
  29. Philosophy Cycle
  30. Presidential –Award
  31. PRO-life
  32. Religious Club
  33. Rotaract CUEA
  34. SIFE - students in fee enterprise
  35. YMCS

Formation and Registration of New Clubs and Associations

  • All clubs/associations should be officially approved before they commence their activities. All clubs/associations should have done some activities and prove to have enough members who are active before officially being registered.
  • Students proposing to form a club or association should prepare a constitution in which they spell out the objectives and activities of the intended club or association. The names and designations of the office bearers, the patron, membership requirements and possible sources of funding must be indicated.
  • The interim office bearers submit the constitution to the organization’s executive who will forward it to the Students Governing Convention before it is taken to the Dean of Students and University Management for approval. Upon registration, the club is eligible for financial allocations.
  • The University Management reserves the right to deny and/or cancel registration of a club/association. This action however is subject to notification as to why that specific decision has been taken. One can also appeal the decision.

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