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Student Organisation

Students governance structure

  1. General assembly ( Held at least once every semester)
  2. Students Governing Convention ( Held at least once every month)
  3. The Executive/CUEASO ( Regular Meetings every week with Dean of Students)

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa Students Organization (CUEASO) Officials

Members of CUEASO Executive

  1. Chairperson
  2. Vice Chairperson
  3. Secretary General
  4. Deputy Secretary General
  5. Treasurer
  6. Publicity Secretary
  7. International Students Representative


Academic Affairs Committee

This committee serves as the channel through which students’ academic interests and problems are brought to the attention of the relevant University authorities for action. The members elect a Chairperson, Secretary, their deputies and representatives to the Faculty Academic Boards and to the Library Committee (which consists of one representative from each faculty). This committee also organizes inter-faculty quizzes annually where students from other faculties compete through general and academic knowledge

Sports Committee

This committee, in consultation with the Sports Tutor, organizes and co-ordinates all student sports activities. Its members are the captains of the various sports teams. The Chairperson of the Committee is elected by the Sports team captains.

Spiritual Welfare Committee

In liaison with the office of the Chaplain, this committee promotes students’ spiritual growth. Its members consist of the leaders of various spiritual groups.

Social Welfare Committee

This committee exists to co-ordinate students’ welfare on campus. It deals with the cafeteria, medical care, transports, hospitality and student work-study programme and entertainment.The members consist of two representatives from CUEA Official Hostels and three non-resident members appointed by the S.G.C. (Students Governing Convention).

Research and Publications Committee

This committee ensures the communication of vital information to students on campus, and runs the students’ magazine. It also serves as a link with the outside world through research. Its members consist of editorial board members of the students’ magazine.

Clubs/Associations Committee

This committee co-ordinates and promotes the activities of clubs/associations among the student body. Its membership consists of the leaders of the various clubs and associations.

Finance Committee

All Clubs, Movements and Associations finance their own activities. However, they may request financial help from the Student Organization’s Finance Committee. All Clubs, Movements and Associations are expected to prepare a comprehensive budget for each semester and present it to the Finance Committee at the beginning of each semester. They shall be required to submit their financial statement before the end of each academic year to the Finance Committee.


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