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About the University Counselling Service

The University Counselling Service serves both the students and the staff. Many people’s personal decisions are made and problems solved through discussions with friends or family, College Lecturers or Director of Studies, Dean of a faculty, a Nurse, Chaplain, colleague, or a Doctor. However, at times it is right to seek help away from one’s familiar daily environment. The University Counselling Service exists to meet such a need. Seeking counselling is about making a positive choice to get help by talking confidentially with a professionally trained listener who has no other role in your life.

Opening times

Mondays to Friday: 8.00 – 5.00pm. The Service is open throughout the year except for vacation closures duringChristmas and Easter. Reception hours remain the same as indicated by the timing above.

The Service is staffed by a team of trained and accredited counsellors and therapists. The counsellors are all experienced in helping people from multicultural backgrounds and with a wide range of personal, academic and work related challenges.

Don't wait until the issue has overwhelmed you – it would help you better if you came earlier when something is relatively minor, so that you can get back to your normal functioning earlier.

The Service is fully utilized and you are encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment.

Other activities offered at the center

The centre also offers the following:

  • Peer counselling training on basic counselling skills and personality formation.
  • The peer counsellors do needs assessments in the different hostels in order to come up with appropriate interventions to address the most pressing needs. This is done through seminars, workshops and health talks. 
  • The center also dialogues with students on different topics through brochures.
  • We run informative workshops/ seminars on different topics eg, leadership, drug and substance abuse, relationship issues, career etc.
  • The peer counsellors are also involved in community service for example, visiting the children’s homes, giving informative talks in high schools.

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