Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of leading regional integration experts, practitioners and private sector leaders with an enthusiasm for African integration. They are consulted by and advise the Director on the technical delivery of the Institute. The Board members are Honorary Fellows of the Institute and they are guaranteed free access to the Institute.

The Institute has access to high level external advice through the consultative Advisory Board which meets on a quarterly basis. The Board is comprised of respected scholars and practitioners as well as private sector leaders who have a sound understanding of regional integration in Africa and who have a contribution to make in achieving the research agenda of the Institute.


Specifically, the role of this Advisory Board is:

  1. To advise the Director on suitability and relevance of possible programmes to be offered i.e. curriculum content
  2. To act as a sounding board for the Director on IRID activities
  3. To publicise IRID in their sectors/organisations.
  4. To help raise the profile of IRID

In advising, monitoring and giving general guidance on the various aspects of the work of the Institute the Board is informed of and invited to all events of the Institute.

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