IRID brings together academics, researchers and practitioners to provide conceptual, policy and practical instruction of the highest standard on regional integration and global governance. The Institute seeks to impact on the thinking on regional integration across the continent. In-house research therefore receives maximum emphasis. The institute is building an archive of high quality research that has high impact to support evidence-based decision making in regional integration.

 The Institute’s research Priorities are: 

  1. Developing the East African Integration Index
  2. Assessing the Impacts of Regional Integration in the East African Region
  3. Evaluating the relationship between regional integration and development in Africa
  4. Monitoring the effectiveness of interventions of implementers of regional integration programs across the East African Region
  5. Assessing the Capacity of African Regional Economic Communities (RECs)
  6. The Role of Regional Organization in Global Governance 

The Institute organizes an annual Regional Integration Research School – a Conference where researchers discuss their findings on research carried out on issues related to regional Integration 

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  2. Regional Integration Tracker