IRID-CUEA sign an MOU with Apex, ARSO and KEBS

In April 2015, the University signed a memorandum of understanding for a partnership between IRID and Apex Management Systems – Consultants Ltd (Apex), the African Organization for Standardization (ARSO), and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). IRID will, on behalf of the University, collaborate with the partners in

  1. Promoting standardization education at CUEA and other African institutions of higher learning.
  2. Holding joint quality awareness programmes and forums as platforms to share about the benefits of standards.
  3. Developing programs to promote and entrench a culture of quality and standards among African youth.
  4. Holding annual certified firms expos, workshops and plenary sessions.
  5. Promoting each other’s objectives through direct support, references and joint work among others.
  6. Developing , reviewing, and publishing materials on quality and standards.
  7. Organizing academic national, regional and international academic fora on quality, standards, certification and accreditation.

 Together with the partners, IRID has already completed the development of a curriculum for a Diploma program in Strategic Quality and Management Systems. The curriculum has been approved by the University Senate, and is ready for delivery. In the following months, IRID worked with Apex on the logistics for launching the diploma program. A fee structure has been developed, and brochures for the program published. It is expected that the first batch of students into the program will be admitted in the coming academic year (2015/2016).