Why you should choose IRID@CUEA?


(a) Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Regional Integration

IRID draws on a wide range of competencies. These include expertise in the core regional integration foundational courses as well as in the various subject disciplines:

  1. The core Foundational RI Courses in conceptual issues and the practice of regional integration and governance. The Institute’s core team is made up of regional integration specialists and leading practitioners.
  2. Political Science, International Relations and Diplomacy
  3. Economics, Trade and Monetary Issues
  4. Legal Studies
  5. Public Policy

(b) Practical and Relevant Training

Regional integration is both theoretical and practical - learners will need to be taken through practical case studies and subsequently, most seminars at IRID are practitioner-led. The region has many veterans of the AU, EAC, COMESA, IGAD and national governments who also possess good academic qualifications. IRI is working with these veterans to enrich the experience of its students. These practitioners, who hold IRID Fellowships, contribute to research at IRID and lead seminars.

Consequently, CUEA is a university that offers practical, up-to-date and therefore relevant training in regional integration.

(c) Excellent Facilities

IRID is housed at CUEA’s ultra-modern Learning Resource Centre (LRC). The LRC is the region’s most up-to-date conference facility. The complex houses a sound-proof conference centre with electronic voting facilities and interpretation booths; the new CUEA library, with a Regional Integration Section, and catering facilities.

(d) International Environment

CUEA is a regional university: its staff and students are from across the region. This regional/international profile enriches the experience of the CUEA learners; enrolling at CUEA automatically gives one a regional/international experience.

(e) Partnerships - Private Sector Engagement

IRID is also partnering with the private sector, especially with firms that have a presence across the region. Senior staff with regional responsibilities at these firms will participate in enriching seminars at IRID.

(f) Partnerships - Institutional Linkages

IRID is already setting up partnerships with institutions that have a long history in training in regional integration so that IRID staff and students can benefit from this external expertise through joint research, visiting fellowships and even sharing of library resources.

  1. Full-time Staff
  2. Part-time Staff
  3. Advisory Committee
  4. Our Partners

Research and Training

Master of Arts Program

The M.A. program is an interdisciplinary program intended for students from within and outside East Africa intending to pursue a career in policy-making and governance in regional organizations in Africa. Students are equipped with knowledge and tools for policy development and implementation in regional organizations. The program offers courses drawn from the fields of political science, economics, law, and public policy and administration. Students also get the opportunity to meet and engage academics, researchers and practitioners from several research institutions, governments, NGOs, and regional organizations.

The programme’s philosophy is centered on producing first class managers through imparting students with relevant skills and knowledge in administration, management and understanding how governments and societies work. The programme seeks to train expertise which is crucial in ensuring successful administration and management of development processes globally.

 Academic Schedules

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Research on Regional Integration