Quality Commitment

The Future of IRID - Our Commitment

IRID is setting itself apart as a leading centre for practical, relevant and well grounded inter-disciplinary training in regional integration/global governance and development not just for the EAC region but for COMESA, IGAD, Africa and beyond. IRID trains for Africa’s governments, regional communities, other inter-governmental frameworks, non-governmental organisations as well as non-practitioners who would like to gain expertise or just basic familiarisation with regional integration/governance issues.

The underpinning factors for IRID are:

  • Training that is practical and relevant to the needs of the continent
  • Unique training approaches with ongoing innovativeness such as visiting fellowships for practitioners
  • High quality education - qualified faculty backed by practitioners of long standing and adequate learning resources
  • Linkages with leading institutions in regional integration/global governance/development training and regional communities
  • Regularly updated course content and new case studies to be in tandem with the dynamic regional integration process(es).