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All university quality aspects in relation to teaching and learning, administration, community service, student life, staff advancement and growth call for collaborative efforts with all University functions for quality as value addition. Here are some of the main functions carried out by DQA:


Course Evaluations

Students’ course evaluation of programmes is used as part of the University's quality assurance procedure and is intended to inform decisions on programme development and the overall process of monitoring the effectiveness of programmes.

The purpose of the course evaluation process is to improve the quality of learning and teaching. Evaluations are not intended to monitor the individual performance of members of academic staff or to be channels for student complaints, for which other procedures exist. Course evaluation is both qualitative and quantitative in emphasis. All courses offered by a faculty, school, centre or institute are evaluated on every occasion the course is taught.

All forms of evaluation are coordinated by Heads of Departments. They are made available to and collected from students in such a way as to permit students sufficient time for a considered response, proportionate to the nature of the evaluation. The confidentiality of respondents is guaranteed; hence the structure of the questionnaire. However the respondents must evaluate all courses they have registered and are to be assessed on.

We are in the process of developing an online tool. Please fill it to support the piloting process. Start here...

After the Analysis the reports of evaluation are forwarded back to relevant faculties with recommendations for action, or continual improvement. Deans and directors ensure decisions are made based on report recommendations.

Service Evaluations

The University believes that quality assurance is a collective responsibility and that it is the professionalism and creativity of staff, individually and collectively, that makes the most vital contribution to the enhancement of provision, through our attention to students’ feedback as learners. To continue improving our service provision; we seek your feedback through different modes. For our service evaluations you are invited as staff and students to start here...

General Customer Feedback and or Complaints

In order to better our services we want to understand the needs and expectations of the customer. In order to gather this information, the Directorate of Quality Assurance monitors customer feedback at various levels. Students and other stakeholders are encouraged to use the following mechanisms available to give their feedback or complaints:

  • Suggestions boxes at different points in the Institution;
  • The customer complaint handling and feedback procedure;
  • The DVC Academics Affairs e-Complaint and Feedback box; and
  • Feedback gathered through academic forums such as the Student General Assembly and Inter-Faculty Assembly.


- QMS Documentation

CUEA has since August 2011 had its Quality Management System (QMS) certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards under the ISO 9001:2008 standard. In August 2014, CUEA was re-certified.

Coordination for the QMS at CUEA is done by the Office of the Management Representative which is housed in the Directorate of Quality Assurance.

The office is composed of the Management Representative (MR), Deputy Management Representative (DMR), Campus Management Representatives (CMR) and ISO Coordinator. In order to ensure proper management of the QMS there are Lead Quality Auditors and a team of Internal Quality Auditors has been trained and are appointed to carry out the audit function.

- Internal Quality Audits

Internal Quality Audits are conducted twice each year at all University Campuses. Dates for these audits are set out in the University Calendar and a schedule giving the areas to be audited is also sent to facilitate preparations for the audits. The MR allocates Internal Quality Auditors to the sampled functions to carry out audit as per the requirements of the Procedure for Internal Quality Audits, CUEA/VC/MR/03.

- External Quality Audits

As a requirement, CUEA is audited by the Certification Body Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) at regular intervals to ensure that the University is still in compliance to the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard guidelines.

- Management Review

Management Review at CUEA is a vital process conducted mostly in meeting format. This affords the University Management Board the opportunity to review the University’s QMS at planned intervals ensuring its continuing stability, adequacy and effectiveness. Management Review also allows for the assessment of opportunities for improvement and identifies any need for changes to the QMS.


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