Notice to Faculty of Law Students

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The University takes this opportunity to inform you that the Faculty of Law is still in full operation and that registration for the next semester will take place between 4-10th May 2016, as per the University Calendar. Please note that next semester lectures commence on 9th May 2016 as per the university calendar.

In view of our status as a legal education provider, please note that the corrective measures which were recommended last year by the Council of Legal Education (CLE) relating to the following have all been fully addressed:

  • the curriculum,
  • academic staff,
  • infrastructure and
  • library resources

The relevant documentary evidence has been conveyed to the Council of Legal Education. The university awaits a final audit on the state of compliance.Meanwhile our activities continue as usual and we hereby take this opportunity to clarify that, learning and other activities including judicial attachment will continue as normal as per our semester schedule.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.