University Professor Publishes Chapter in International Book

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Rev. Prof. Clement Majawa has authored a chapter in the book, The Routledge Companion to Christianity in Africa published by Routledge.

He authored chapter 13 which is titled, African Christianity in the Post Vatican II Era. The book was published this year.

The book offers a variety of corrective exploration of the Christian customs in the African region. It offers the history of Christianity in Africa tracing its origin and how it found way to Africa at large. This book narrows down its growth, developments, and effects, including the lived experience of African Christians.

The chapters in the volume discourses the issues on Christianity and gender, the development of African-initiated churches, the growth of Pentecostalism, and the influence of Christianity on issues of sexuality, music, and public health.

This volume is international in that it serves as the great reference material to the students and researchers globally.

The Routledge Companion to Christianity in Africa has been written by 32 scholars from Africa, Europe and US, including Rev. Prof. Clement Majawa, Director in the School of Graduate Studies who wrote the thirteenth chapter (13) on Africa Christianity in the Post Vatican II Era.

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