Pope Francis announces the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy with the Bull “MisericordiaeVultus” (the Mercy on 11th April, 2015). This jubilee is a Holy year that he opened on 8th December 2015, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception to run until 20th November 2016. He invited the Bishops in all the Dioceses all over the world to open a Holy Door of Mercy at the respective cathedrals, or shrines frequented by many people.


Pope opens the Holy Door during the launch of the Year of Mercy at the St. Peter’s Basilica on 8th December 2015.


The motto of this jubilee is “Merciful like the Father”.This is an opportune moment to change our lives to embrace God’s mercy and to express it to all.

At CUEA, the launching of this Jubilee of Mercy took place just before breaking for the Christmas Short holiday on 10th December 2015. The Launch was marked by the unveiling of the special banner showing the Mercy of Jesus towards a sinner and the verse “ blessed are the merciful for they shall receive Mercy” Mat. 7:7.



In this year the chaplaincy invites all to seek the sacrament of confession as many times as possible. The chaplain urges the priests working or doing their studies in our campuses to be available for this sacrament, there will be specific times every week or sometimes just before the masses celebrated daily in our chapels when the priests will be available for this wonderful sacrament of reconciliation.

In this year we are being asked to come back to the Lord, no matter how far we have fallen. There is no sin that is so big, that cannot be forgiven. Jesus is waiting for us to come back and ask for his pardon and mercy. He wants us to change and try to live according to his commandments. He understands we are week and that we may fall again, but he wants us to hold his hand and he will walk with us.

In this year OF MERCY, the Holy Father has allowed all priests to absolve the sin of abortion which weighs on the hearts of many women, and also of many men who have participated, encouraged even forced their relatives and friends to end the life of an unborn child. Let our tears for our sins, wash the hearts in the fount of mercy. “ Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”(Is. 1:18)

The Chaplain invites all the Faculties/Sections/Departments in our Catholic University to start planning some activities at their level. He has also suggested some for all the Campuses which include:

  • Praying daily the already prepared Prayer for the Jubilee Year of Mercy before the final blessings during every Eucharistic Celebration.
  • For Langata campus the assistance towards the erection of the Divine Mercy Image on the second Sunday after Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday).
  • Have time to visit the poor students in their hostels especially those residing around the Campuses.
  • Visit to the prisoners.
  • Inviting the very poor for the Christmas and Easter in our homes.
  • Pilgrimages to the places of prayer.
  • Days of fasting and prayers in our campuses and affiliated colleges
  • Having adorations every week praying for those still imprisoned by sin.
  • Penitential services.
  • Days of prayer and reconciliation for members of staff and students.

THIS IS THE MOMENT OF GRACE , let us not lose it.


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