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Professor Clara Momanyi, a Kiswahili professor and head of Kiswahili department won an award in the 2015 Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature held at Pride inn, Westlands on 26th September 2015.


Prof. Momanyi won in the Kiswahili category with her book Ushindi wa Nakate. The other winner in the same category was Ken Walibora with his book Naskia Sauti ya Mama. Longhorn Publishers published both books.

The professor is the intermediate former secretary general of the national Kiswahili association, Chakita Kenya. She is presently one of the editors of Kumekucha, a journal of the Faculty of Arts at CUEA.

She has published widely in the area of Kiswahili literature and culture in both national and international journals. She has authored and co-authored more than 12 articles, presented over 40 papers at international conferences and written 16 books singly and with other scholars. In addition, she has produced 13 book chapters and 15 translations.