Employers Rank CUEA as 3rd Best Private University in Kenya

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The Catholic University of Eastern Africa is the 3rd best private university in terms of graduate employability.

According to a survey, prominently reported by local dailies, and done by the Corporate Staffing Services an HR consultancy firm CUEA is 3rd after Strathmore and Daystar.

The 2015 Quarter One Talent Report survey was conducted among 208 employers in the private, public and NGO sectors. 85% of those surveyed had a preference for a particular university when hiring.

According to the report, “when hiring graduates from private universities, employers look out for reputation, followed by credibility of certificates”.  Other reasons include quality of learning, credibility and reputation of the university.

The study further says that employers still find it difficult to fill key positions. Almost three quarters of the respondents (71.8%), receive too many job applications that require extra time and cost to screen or filter down to find those qualified for the position.

“Even so, it still proved difficult to find top talent with positive attitude towards work. Some of the candidates who apply for vacancies are of poor quality, as majority of them do not fit in the positions” the report adds.

Corporate Staffing advises that, “University students should focus on gaining specialised work experience and job knowledge as much as possible. “Internships and volunteering are good ways that a student can gain this most sought for work experience.”

“In fields like health, engineering, financial services and IT, the biggest issue is trying to find applicants let alone talented applicants”.

The survey was carried out between January to February 2015 among human resource heads who are members of the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM Kenya). It sought to establish the hiring plans in the second quarter ending June 2015.