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communitysrviceCommunity Services embraces the service hub concept and explore opportunities to further expand service integration beyond existing multiple-service centers. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa - Open and Distance e-Learning Centre had their first Community Service Activity on Friday 30th May, 2014 at PEMA Education Centre of Excellence in Education and Community Service in Buruburu Estate Nairobi.

The Open and Distance e-Learning Centre donated two computers given to them by the University to the school, as a gesture of promoting e-learning platform for the pupils in PEMA with their counterparts in Germany.  Information and communication technology has brought profound changes to almost all aspects of our lives in recent years. It has transformed activities as basic as how we work, communicate with each other, treat illnesses, travel, and shop and enjoy our leisure time. ICT skills have become as fundamental to living a full life as being able to read, write and compute.

PEMA stands for Pamoja Elimu kwa Maendeleo na Afya which means Together in union with one another for Education, Development and Health. PEMA is a non-profit education Centre whose core values aims at providing Early Childhood Education and development in relation to community transformation through continuous education. Providing quality Early Childhood Education and Development is laying a solid foundation life. Educating Adults, especially parents and guardians, enhances the ability of children and youth adapt to more socially acceptable social behavior the Core-founders of PEMA Education Centre Mr Peter Mbuchi Methu was prompted by his passion in education to reach out to that person who wishes to educate their children but they do not have the means to do so due the challenges they are facing. The children in the Centre are mainly from the slums behind the Buruburu Estate and from within the Estate. The Centre also acts as a rehab for the kids. The Centre promotes, “Open Innovations’ through Education for Sustainable Development. Their projects are on formal and non-formal education, health, peace, reconciliation and community social transformation. They act as efficient intermediaries between communities and providers of social services. Like-minded friends, companies and associations are primary project partners. He believes that together we make a difference. 

The school hopes to partner with The Catholic University of Eastern Africa for smooth transition to e-Learning. The team of ODeL was led by Mr. Edward Misava Ombajo.