Peer Counselors 4th Graduation Ceremony

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peercounselordThe Peer Counselors 4th graduation ceremony was held on 4th April 2014 at Jubilee hall. Peer counseling is one of the short courses that CUEA offers to students in various faculties to help them deal with the challenges they encounter in life. The ceremony started with elections of the incoming Peer Counselors Officials.

As they shared their experiences most of the students acknowledged that the course has been of benefit to them and has helped them to build their own self esteem, develop self awareness, cope with their emotions such as anger, acquire team building skills, develop the ability to empathize with others and also develop skills on how to interact with a dynamic group of people.

What stood out from the course is that all the peer counselors learned the importance of active listening which most people do not pay attention to. Commending the students for taking the course, the University Registrar, Mr. Odilon Dizon Jr. remarked that “active listening is a key attribute that everyone should strive to have because through it you get to understand others and be understood.”

“It is good to take a journey inside oneself and know what goes on within us. That process gives us a glimpse of who we are and we become better persons who can also accompany others in their life journey,” said the Vice Chancellor, Msgr. Dr. Pius Rutechura. The Vice Chancellor thanked the Dean of Students office and the facilitators of the Peer Counseling course for training, mentoring and accompanying the students throughout the peer counseling course.

The graduates were awarded with certificates by the Vice Chancellor, Monsignor. Dr. Pius Rutechura; The University Registrar, Mr. Odilon Dizon Jr.; Dean of Students, Mr. Gideon Maina; The Personal Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Dr. John Nyambega; Mr. George Ouko, University Counselor, and Mr. Richard Okello, Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students Office.