Medical Education Day

 medicaldayThe University’s Human Resources Department held a Medical Education Day on patient’s rights on 19th March 2014 at Missio Hall. The guest speaker was Dr. Matthew Ng’etich, a specialist medical doctor in preventive health measures.

As he introduced the topic of discussion, Dr. Ng’etich stated that patients have rights to services given to them at any medical centre. Moreover, he emphasized that patients can accept, reject or challenge the service provider and the services given to patients.

According to Dr. Ng’etich a patient’s rights include:

  1. 1.Right to life. The only “person” to take life is God. A patient has a right to receive medication in any facility either private or public and the treatment should not be delayed.
  2. 2.Right to health care by qualified health provider. A doctor should be competent and through their service make things better.
  3. 3.Right to accurate information. A patient should know about the illness and give his or her consent to the doctor. This ensures that a doctor has enough information to give right diagnosis and propose treatment.
  4. 4.Right to timely service. A patient has to receive the services within 1 to 2 hours.
  5. 5.Right of choice of health provider or services. A patient has a right to refuse treatment and go to a 2nd, 3rd or any other doctor.
  6. 6.Right to protection from harm or injury. Safety measures and quality standards should be in place at health centres.
  7. 7.Right to privacy and confidentiality. A doctor should ensure that the patient’s consultation is confidential.
  8. 8.Right to dignified treatment. As a patient you should be given respect and dignity.
  9. 9.Right to continuous treatment. A patient should feel welcomed and receive continuous treatment as recommended by a doctor.
  10. 10.Right to continuity of care. A doctor should not abandon you even in a life threatening situation.
  11. 11.Right to safe life. A patient should have a family or personal representative and own physician notified during treatment.
  12. 12.Right to participate in your care. Patients have a right to make decisions relating to their health care.
  13. 13.Right to personal opinion. Challenge the doctor if need be. Patients have a right to decline treatment and ask for transfer if necessary. However, a doctor can implore a patient to receive treatment if they have a communicable disease and among spouses who have a disease that can be transmitted.
  14. 14.Right to dignified death. The transition from life to death has to be respected.

Patient obligations

Dr. Ng’etich also observed that patients too have a responsibility as they seek medical attention. Patients should: engage in a healthy life style, seek treatment early, seek information on illness and treatment, comply with treatment and medical instructions, be courteous and respectful to health workers, report any corrupt practices and refrain from seeking preferential treatment, enquire about related cost of treatment and arrange for any payments, take proper care for all health records in their possession and keep them away from public places, and respect the rights of other patients and health providers.






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