Faculty of Theology 16th Interdisciplinary Theological Session 2014

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inter2The University’s Faculty of Theology held its 16th Interdisciplinary Theological Session from 26th to 28th February 2014, under the theme “Quest for an African Political Theology.” Rt. Rev. Maurice Muhatia Makumba, Bishop Nakuru Diocese in Kenya, was the guest of honour.

In his welcome remarks, the Vice Chancellor Monsignor Dr. Pius Rutechura

emphasized that we need to overcome the perception of politics as a dirty game left to dirty people. “Who will clean it up?” asked the Vice Chancellor. He remarked that we have a responsibility to shape the public discourse and to reach out to the people in the grass root level and in the public arena so that we can make a difference.

According to Rt. Rev. Muhatia, “An unexamined life is not worth living. Therefore, the quest for an African political theology is a quest to examine Africa’s past and present and asses how it affects the lives of the African people today. It calls for a rethinking of the African situation.” Rt. Rev. Muhatia further stated that an African political theology should be one that brings an African perspective to its vocation and a paradigm shift in the way political problems in Africa are being handled.

Also in attendance was the DVC Academics, Prof. Justus Mbae; DVC Administration, Rev. Prof. Juvenalis Baitu; Dean Faculty of Theology, Rev. Prof. Constance Bansikiza; Chairperson Interdisciplinary Committee, Rev. Dr. John Lukwata; CUEA staff and students.