Celebration of the Closing of the Year of Faith

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celebration21st November 2013 marked the Celebration of the Closing of the Year of Faith at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). The main celebrant was His Excellency, Charles Daniel Balvo, Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya.

Delivering his homily to the faithful, H.E. Charles Balvo shared on how to deepen our faith, how we are tested in our faith and how we can strengthen our faith. “Faith is gift that comes to us from God, but it is a gift that can be

enriched.” He added that we are all called to give witness to our faith and to support each other in times of difficulty. “There is only one source of faith, and that is God. The God who loves us and made us in His image. May He give us the grace to live it out all the days of our lives.”

Symbolic Activities

The symbolic activities that took place to mark the Celebration of the Closing of the Year of Faith include; Reciting the Rosary outside the Holy Trinity Chapel led by the University Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Charles Kyallo, signing of the visitor’s book and a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, laying the foundation stone for the Grotto of our Lady and Blessing of the Statue of our Mother Mary, planting of a tree, and the climax was the reception of 14 catechumen during the Eucharistic Celebration.

Accomplished Activities in the year of faith

  • Launching of the year of Faith
  • Constituting of the Special Committee to help in coordinating the activities from various faculties, sections and departments
  • Formulation of the Prayer for the Year of Faith
  • Special Ecumenical Service
  • Talk on faith and Reason
  • Erection of Luminous Cross on the Holy Trinity Chapel
  • Placing crucifixes in all the lecture halls and offices
  • Erection of banners on the Year of Faith
  • Pilgrimages to Subukia and Komarock Marian Shrines
  • Conference with the resident priests on Liturgy
  • Recollections and retreats for staff and students
  • Registration of new spiritual Movements and Devotions
  • Provision of basic needs to 55 needy students
  • Preparation of Lectors, Catechumen and Mass Servers
  • Buying the statue of our Lady for the Grotto
  • Praying for the intentions of the Holy Father and increment of the St. Peter’s Pence contribution
  • Projects to assist priest students-Mass stipends