About the Department of Research


The three major functions of research in any institution of higher learning are to:

  • Generate and disseminate knowledge
  • Use research findings to improve teaching
  • Enhance the reputation of the institution and individual researchers/lecturers in the institution

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to undertake independent collaborative research work across faculties and departments within the University in order to inform political, social and economic policy and monitor implementation of programmes.

Our Vision

We are committed to increasing opportunity for high quality research and special initiatives, thereby, becoming a centre of excellence in research and innovation.

Our Objectives

Our primary objective as a Department is to establish and maintain an effective research and evaluation programme at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa.  Our objectives are:

  • To co-ordinate the preparation of research proposals for submission to funding agencies
  • To assist in preparation and management of the research budget
  • To provide specialist training and advice on all aspects of research to staff and students.
  • To provide consultancy service to public and private sector organizations and church institutions
  • To provide centralized logistical support for research in all academic departments of the university and it's affiliated and associated institutions.
  • To establish and maintain database of all researches conducted in the University
  • To administer internal and external research grants
  • To provide technical advice to existing research projects
  • To conduct and disseminate research findings
  • To establish research links/collaboration/networking with both local and international institutions

Our Functions and Responsibilities

The Department is accountable to the University Senate.  Its activities are guided by the Research Committee.  These activities include:

  • Promotion and co-ordination of relevant scientific research in the faculties of the University enriched by African cultural and religious values, thought pattern, world-views and experiences.
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary research between the faculties and departments of the University.
  • Promotion of collaborative research between CUEA and Catholic Institutions involved in research in the AMECEA countries.
  • Organization and coordination of inter-faculty staff seminars.
  • Promotion of collaborative research with other universities and institutes of higher learning in Africa and beyond.
  • Collaboration with the faculty research committees of the University.
  • Monitoring the quality and suitability of research reports and academic articles submitted for CUEA publication.
  • Assessment and approval of research proposals submitted for funding.
  • Account to the University Council through the Senate
  • Maintenance of a register of approved research proposals.
  • Ensure resources allocated for research are used for the purposes that they are intended for.

Our Activities

Some of the activities that the Department has been involved in include:

 University commissioned research and evaluation projects

  1. Guidance and assistance of University faculty members in research projects
  2. Funding of approved research projects
  3. Funding staff to attend International and Domestic Conferences
  4. Research capacity building workshops
  5. Proposal writing workshops
  6. Data collection and analysis workshops
  7. Research report writing and academic publishing workshops
    1. Research findings dissemination workshops
    2. Facilitation for departmental innovative projects
    3. Research forums for postgraduate students
    4. Open forums
    5. Publication of research reports
    6. Publication of the Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities and Sciences
    7. Information on research collaboration and funding opportunities through the CUEA Research New


The Department through the Research Committee offers a wide range of research grants to faculty.  These grants are awarded based on merit.  Each year the department makes a call for concept notes which are evaluated and approved by the Research Committee.  The Committee also accepts applications from faculty members pursuing graduate studies.  The following are the research grants available:

1. Research Grants

  1. (a) Faculty Research Grants

Under this grant program grants are given to help faculty conduct research on topics of interest to the department.  Applications for these grants are accepted through submission of concept notes subsequent to a call notice by the Department.
        (b) Faculty Research Grants for Graduate Study

Funds are available on a competitive basis for faculty members who are registered as doctoral degree students to assist as them undertake research for their course.  The amount available for this is not more than Kshs 150,000/-.  Application for this funding can be done by submission of:

  • A letter of registration from a university indicating the approved research topic
  • A detailed proposal
  • An application to the Research Committee

(c) Departmental Research Projects Fund

Departmental teams wishing to carry out research projects are encouraged to apply for funding under this program.  Amounts available for such projects amount to Kshs 500,000/- per year.  Applicants will need to submit:

  • A detailed proposal
  • A letter of support from the Dean of Faculty and the Head of Department
  • Curriculum vitae of the researchers

2. Research Capacity Building Fund

This category of funding is available on a competitive basis for use by Departments in CUEA to develop the capacity of their staff to conduct research.  These funds may be used to organize short courses, seminars or workshops on research methods.  The available amount each year is Kshs 150,000/-.  Applications should include:

A detailed letter outlining the need for research skills

A detailed course, workshop or seminar proposal

A letter of support from a relevant Dean of Faculty

3. Project and Activities Grants

These grants are awarded on competitive basis each year for innovative projects addressing problems of the underprivileged.  Grants would not normally exceed Kshs 200,000/-.  Applications should include:

- A detailed proposal outlining the applicant(s) work on the project to date and how the fund requested will be utilized

4. Domestic and International Conference Fund

In this category, faculty staff members may apply for funding to attend domestic, regional and international conferences or workshops.  The grant will not normally exceed Kshs 30,000/- for domestic conferences and Kshs 200,000/- from international conferences.   Applicants must submit:

  • A letter outlining in details the purpose of the travel and its relevance to the goals and objectives of the department and other funding sources
  • A current curriculum vitae
  • A letter of support from the applicant's head of department
  • And where applicable the paper to be presented

All applications for funding should be addressed to:

The Chairperson

CUEA Research Committee

Department of Research

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa

P O Box 62157




The Department of Research encourages members of faculty to conduct research that is related to or within the areas mentioned below:

  • African Christianity and inculturation
  • Indigenous knowledge systems
  • Integrated rural development
  • Empowerment of disadvantaged groups and communities
  • Good governance
  • Gender equality
  • Human dignity
  • Globalization and ethical issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Modern science and technology
  • Legal issues in society
  • ICT development and concerns in Africa
  • Media
  • Language and society
  • Interfaith Dialogue
  • Etc.

Staff Members


Department of Research

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