Information Resources

These are volumes of books in the open shelves and are available for borrowing by the library users. These books can be borrowed for long period of time out of the library.

Reserve Collection
These are books that are on high demand and there are in few copies in the library. They are normally reserved by the lecturers in their respective subjects, and borrowing of these books is limited to a short time as the library decides. Usually there are consulted within the library.

Africana Collection
These are reading materials about Africa authored by African or Non-African writers.

Reference Collection
The library keeps a wide range of reference materials. These include both general and specific subject reference materials.

Journals Periodicals Collection
The library acquires a very wide range of journals/periodicals through subscription and exchange program. Therefore the library has a collection of bound and non-bound journals/periodicals, which gives our users a good base for research.

Non-Book Material
The library has collection of non-print materials which include CD-ROMs, video tapes and microfiches. These are consulted within the library.

Internet Resources

The library offers internet services to students. View Search Engines

Digital Library

The Digital Library provides access to the following information resources, Past examination papers, Abstracts of projects, thesis and dissertation, Research papers. View the following link for information on Open Access Conference Presentations.

Electronic Journals / Databases

Through the INASP/PERI project the library facilitates access to a wide range of electronic journals in all fields of study.

Thesis/Dissertations and Projects
The library maintains a collection of thesis/dissertations and projects that have been written by the CUEA students or staff, and also thesis/dissertations published by other institutions of higher learning.



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