The Catholic University Band

Band Motto: "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom"


danceSeeing the impact music has made in sectors of life, social, political, economic and religious spheres, CUEA embarked on the formation of a band primarily to play a part in the implementation and realisation of the University's mission: "To be of service to church and society". The expectation is to render service to the church in worshipand reaching out to the society as well as focusing mainly on the youth and underprivileged.

Inspired by the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, "Consecrate them in the truth (Jn. 17:17)" it seeks to evangelise and proclaim the gospel through music, promote talents, offer quality and universal entertainment, extend a hand to the underprivileged through charity among other activities for the purpose of enhancing Christian living.


To be an instrument of evangelization and transformation, translation of knowledge into life inspired by the gospel through music.


Service to the church and society through music

Mission Statement

Based on the word of God, the living tradition and the teaching of the church both universal and local, it provides music designed for evangelization, inspiration and entertainment fro church and society.


i.Evangelization and proclamation of the Gospel through music.

  • Holy Mass ( Eucharistic Celebration) Ordinations, Professions and Jubilees.
  • Youth ministry - schools, universities and estates
  • Concerts and Shows
  • Conference and Rallies
  • Weddings, graduations, annivesaries and other ceremonies
  • Regional and Global Tours

 ii. Promoting various God-given talents (singing, dancing and playing),offer facilities and opportunities to share joy in music

iii. Reaching out to the less privileged through charity

iv. Offer quality and universal entertainment meant for informing, forming and transforming the society

v. In the pursuits of these objectives the band seeks diversification in music both local, international and universal begin viable income-generating projects, ensure sustainability,mentorship programmes and expand borders so as to be independent.

Core Values

  1. Excellence - quality
  2. Integrity
  3. Team work
  4. Love for the neighbour
  5. Discipline


  1. Church - Holy Mass
                - Jubilee, ordinations, professions
                - Weddings
                - Feasts
  2. Society - Charity and Fundraising
  3. PA System
  4. Road Shows

For more information please contact;

Rev Fr. Simon Sabvala (07156968315)
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P.O.Box 28607 code 00100, Nairobi - KENYA.


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