The Chaplaincy office helps in nurturing and fostering the spiritual growth of the university community i.e. the staff and students of Catholic University, Gaba Campus. The chaplaincy is also privileged to have within it AMECEA Pastoral Institute which is home to Priests, Religious and the laity who are pastoral agents serving in the AMECEA region.

The Chaplaincy’s services include:

Nourishment of the community’s spiritual life through the daily celebration of the Eucharist, morning and evening prayers with those who are able to attend and Scripture sharing. It is further enriched by Recollections that are held twice a year not counting the fact that any group can organize one to help them grow spiritually.

In line with Catholic University’s tradition, we have Holy Mass on Thursdays at 12:00 noon for all the community and all are encouraged to attend.

As for daily mass, we have mass on;

  • Monday                  7.00 am
  • Tuesday                 7.00 am
  • Wednesday            6.00 pm
  • Friday                    7.00 am
  • Saturday                7.30 am
  • Sunday                  9.00 am

Approaching the Sacrament of reconciliation is encouraged to foster spiritual growth as the Chaplaincy is open to all. We also offer catechetical instructions for Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation to the members of the community.

Activities of groups such as the YCS/ Catholic Students Association (CSA.), Small Christian Community (S.C.C.) are some of the ways the chaplaincy reaches out to members of the community and beyond in its quest for spiritual growth.



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