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Angeline Mbaika Mutua

AngelineAngeline is a blind lady who has been working at the CUEA reception as a telephone operator for around 7years.

She started her Education at Thika School for the blind in the year 1990 to 1998. She then graduated to Thika High school for the Blind in the year 1999-2002. Having completed her secondary education she sought tertiary education at the Kenyatta Industrial centre where she did a course in telephone operation and front office reception.


In 2005 November, she came to CUEA seeking an attachment at the front office. Her attachment lasted for one year and due to her diligence at work she was awarded a working contract that lasted for two years, this eventually matured to a permanent working contract in the year 2008.


Angeline believes that CUEA has been like a home to her. She appreciates the spirit of family hood that she experiences at CUEA. She terms the challenges she faces at work as normal and believes that challenges have moulded her to be a better person.

As a wife and a mother of two lovely children, Angeline has this to say, “We all have different challenges and we need to accept ourselves despite our challenges. Once you have accepted yourself, there is nothing that you can’t do to better yourself


SrjacintaSenior Academic Officer - CUEA

Sr. Dr Jacinta belongs to the congregation of the Evangelising Sisters of Mary, a missionary congregation founded in Uganda but with general administrative offices in Ongata Rongai, Kenya. Despite her academic achievements, Sr. Dr. Jacinta M. Adhiambo is in CUEA in the capacity of an Evangelising sister of Mary. She attains this objective through her spoken words, classroom teaching, academic writings and presence.

In the year 2002, Sr. Dr. Jacinta joined CUEA in the capacity of a lecturer, Faculty of Education. She was appointed to coordinate the School Focused programme, a responsibility that she carried for six years. After her doctorate achievement in 2010, she was appointed as a coordinator of Educational Administration and Planning - Faculty of Education and in 2012 she was appointed as the Deputy Director Quality Assurance, CUEA.   This appointment lasted for one year and six months, for in August 2013, she became Senior Academic Officer – CUEA.

Sr. Dr. Jacinta urges the women to believe in their potentials. She says, “We have the potentials which should give us the impetus to work towards changing our attitude. A change of attitude will enable us contribute towards the development of our families, communities and the entire nation”.  To the young women she advises them to identify successful women and take them up as role models.

Caren Nangila

CarenI am a fourth year student at CUEA pursuing a Bachelors degree in Social Science. I joined CUEA in the year 2008 August, and hoping to graduate in October, 2012. However, due to financial constraints I had to defer my studies.

I used to get financial support from my relatives which eventually stopped. Coming from a background of six siblings and with unemployed father, I had to fend for myself. I went out looking for opportunities to raise money, this included seeking household jobs. As my hope dwindled, I approached the Dean of students’ office where I was excited to secure a work study programme. My work study programme lasted for two years, and I was able to save some money and pay for my school fees.

During one of my block practise - this is mandatory programme for social work students,  I learnt the art of making jewelleries out of outdated calendars. With a lot of practise, I polished this skill and became an expert in designing jewelleries. In one of the Community Service initiatives, I learnt the art of mat making. I then explored this new knowledge and made a variety of mats for sale. I display my products for sale in the many university’s events.

I have raised enough money for my upkeep and cleared a huge percentage of my tuition fees. I have also won scholarship funds from CUEA and my local church. I am proud to announce that I will be graduating this year October 2014.

Giving up on my graduation was not an option for me. I knew where I was coming from and where I wanted to go. I desire to make a change in the society by passing on this skill to women. My encouragement to all is, “Life is full of opportunities and as long as there is life, there is hope.”



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